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I have cooked from these books! There are many ways to document the cookbooks in this archive,  but one of my favorite ways is to cook from them. It brings the pages to life.  

Have you made food from these or other community cookbooks? Please share your own images with me on Instagram @ArchiveCooking. #ArchiveCooking

For the most part, these cookbook recipes weren't created by professionals. They are meant to be made at home and, in my opinion, can be treated with flexibility. Here are a few of my preferred ingredients for common substitutions. 

This Archive would not be possible without the amazing personal and academic writing that exists about Los Angeles, cooking, and food's cultural histories. I've shared a few of my favorites, and am always open to more! 

What Is A Community Cookbook

On Instagram: See food cooked from this Archive and share your own!  #ArchiveCooking

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